The Haworth Fire Department is a 100% volunteer department that protects and serves the residents of the Borough of Haworth, New Jersey in Bergen County.  The Haworth Fire Department protects the Haworth population of about 3,500 people, as well an elementary school, three churches, numerous businesses, two country clubs, the SUEZ Water Treatment Plant that serves the 750,000 residents of Bergen and Hudson Counties, the Oradell Reservoir, and acres of wooded areas.

The Haworth Fire Department is a member of the Interboro Mutual Aid Group, so we provide assistance to our adjacent neighboring communities such as Closter, Demarest, Dumont, New Milford and Harrington Park.

Unfortunately, in recent years our department’s enrollment has significantly declined perhaps due to our hectic lifestyles or busy schedules, yet the need for fire protection in our community endures. The Mayor and Council, along with support from the residents and businesses, have provided the Haworth Fire Department with some of the very best equipment available. Nevertheless, firefighters are what make the difference in saving lives and property.

In addition to our regular membership we offer a “Junior and Senior Firefighters Auxiliary” program. This program allows any teenager between the ages of 14-18 and any adult between the ages 18-65 to join the Haworth Fire Department, without having prior experience or the time to be a regular member. The “Junior and Senior Auxiliary” members are instructed in the fundamentals the fire service and use of fire department equipment. At no time are they permitted to perform any duties that would expose themselves to the same degree of hazard as a regular member. There are plenty of duties outside of actual fire fighting that you can perform.

We encourage all of the residents of Haworth and our surrounding towns to join the Haworth Fire Department’s team of volunteers in protecting and serving the community. As mentioned before no firefighter experience is necessary to join, the department and the Bergen County Fire Academy provide free training.

Anyone interested can stop by the Hardenburgh Avenue firehouse on any Wednesday evening between the hours of 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm and speak with any fire officer.