COVID-19 Message from the Haworth Fire Department
To all Haworth Residents:
The Chiefs, Officers and members of the Haworth Volunteer Fire Department want to reassure all of you that we remain committed to providing fire and rescue services to our community whenever we are called upon to do so.
We have always maintained a high standard of pre-hospital emergency care, and will continue to do so in the face of the current coronavirus situation.
We recommend that everyone follow the guidelines outlined by the federal goverment at
Please remember that we are a volunteer organization, always ready and willing to help. We need your help to continue to be able to serve our community, without fear of being quarantined ourselves due to unnecessary exposure risks.
Therefore, we ask that you help us help you by letting the 9-1-1 or BC Com caller taker know if you are experiencing ANY flu-like symptoms and/or if your home is under quarantine for any reason.
In addition, please place a sign on your door that will alert our EMS and fire personnel to take all appropriate precautions before entering your home or business.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance.

Thank you!